Fourth of July Rewind


So. I may have gone a little bit crazy with the meal planning for Fourth of July.
Essentially, my mother was going to be away at a softball tournament with my youngest sister.
My mother is a vegan, and also doesn’t really appreciate anybody messing around in her kitchen,
so when she’s home I don’t get to cook very much, and certainly not experimentally!

My Menu:

Local, Grass-fed Beef Hamburgers
Hand-cut, Organic French Fries
Garlic Aioli from Local, Organic Garlic*
Bacon Guacamole from Local, Organic Pork
Strawberry Chocolate Tarts
Hand-Squeezed Lemonade

Click through for the recipes I used!
*Definitely use less salt than called for. I would go so far as to say use a 1/4 tablespoon rather than 1 tablespoon.


ImageBurgers & Fries


The table with the bacon guac, aioli, and beverages!

ImageMy red, white, and blue outfit!


My hands were definitely sore after squeezing all the lemons for this lemonade! (the pitcher was full originally)


Strawberry Dark Chocolate Hand Tarts!

Planning and preparing this whole meal really re-enforced that I LOVE to cook.
And, I’m good at it! My mom is a fantastic cook, she was a catering chef for a long time.
So, my family has very high standards and both my dad and sister loved everything I made!
Except the onion rolls I hand-made. The yeast wasn’t co-operating so I made my dad buy potato rolls on his way home.
In all fairness, it was extremely humid that day and I’ve never worked with yeast before. You win some, you lose some!

Until next time,


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